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6 Benefits Of Concrete Pool Decks

  The clock is ticking, the earth is spinning and summer it’s on its way. When we think of summer we can’t help but to imagine bright colors, nice weather, cold drinks and of course, pools! Pools are a great source of fun in the summer, but most important of all, they bring family and […]

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When Is The Best Time To Start A Concrete Building Project?

Do you remember this American folk rock band called The Byrds? If you do, you probably remember their international hit “Turn! Turn! Turn!” that still sounds on the radio from time to time these days, and the lyrics go like this: “To everything, (turn, turn, turn), there is a season, (turn turn turn)…” Well, we […]

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7 Good Reasons To Choose Concrete As a Building Material

Have you ever wondered why most of our roads and highways are concrete made? How about buildings, houses, bridges and heavy structures? Most major structures in almost all cities of the world are build out of concrete, but have you ever asked yourself why? Well, the reason is very simple, and I’m pretty sure you […]

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Bad Foundation Work Can Ruin Your Entire House!

If you are planning on starting the construction of your future house there is some information you need to know before doing so. Many people think starting the construction of a house is a simple thing to do, but in reality, it takes a lot to do it the right way. As you may already […]

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The Importance of Concrete Retaining Walls

If you have a property or have lived long enough in the beautiful state of California, you must know by now and be familiar with hills. Sometimes we don’t even notice it but the truth of the matter is that we live in a State which terrain is very hilly and this can be either […]

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A Concrete Patio to Celebrate the Holidays!

Whenever we think of Christmas we think of family, friends and people we love, and most of the time this special day is celebrated at home. If you’re being a host this Christmas, you know you have to plan from the largest to the smallest detail so you and your family can enjoy a perfect […]

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Thanksgiving Is The Perfect Time To Share

It hasn’t been that long since we last celebrated the beginning of summer, a time we spent surrounded by friends and family doing just what we love the most, enjoying our time with our loved ones. Now that summer is over, comes another season and with it another reason to celebrate! Thanksgiving is not only […]

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Give Life to Your Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are a great solution for patios, driveways, walkways, and many other custom needs. The only downside, is that we may not like that awful plain gray look. Well, before you start thinking about more expensive solutions like tile and marble, let me tell you about an affordable and beautiful alternative… Stamped Concrete and […]