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Full Concrete Driveway Replacement Case Study: From Worn-Out To Astonishing!

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Our client wanted a new driveway installed at his home.

The Challenge

The driveway needed to be demolished and replaced due to tree root damage. There were two colors involved in the new driveway so it made the pouring concrete process extra difficult.

Our Solution

The driveway was demolished and replaced. We went in one day and did all our gratings, set in the forms for the curve and we put in a root barrier so that tree roots couldn’t penetrate and do any further damage like they did before.

We went back the next day and started at 6:30 am pouring our concrete, which was extra difficult to pour because there were two colors involved: the Omaha Tan for the center, and Flagstone Brown for the perimeter bands.

We used re-bar placed at 24 inches on center each way to prevent cracking and we used a minimum of 3,000 psi strength concrete and textured it with the Old Granite texture stamp.

The project took us three days from demolition to completion.

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