5 Diamond Pattern Design Ideas For Your New Concrete Patio

Diamond Pattern Concrete Patio

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are many ways to enhance the look of your concrete patio. Concrete is a very versatile material that is preferred by many, for its many qualities and benefits, like durability, low-maintenance, and the wide array of styles, colors and textures it offers, but there is one style that has become a favorite among homeowners, and that’s the Diamond Pattern.

The Diamond Pattern is a concrete pattern stamping technique commonly used in patios and landscapes, but that can also be used in interiors due to concrete’s versatility. It has gained popularity over the years because depending on the finish it can replicate stone, brick or wood but with the added benefit of durability.

If you’re thinking of starting out a new patio or landscape project in your home and are looking for some inspiration, here’s a list of 7 diamond pattern design ideas for your next concrete patio project:

1. Pool Deck Grass Diamond Pattern

Agundez Concrete


2. Patio Block Diamond Pattern With Rugged Texture

Concrete Diamond Pattern in San Diego


3. Concrete Patio With Colored Concrete Diamond Patterns

Colored Concrete | Agundez Concrete


4. Diamond Pattern Concrete Dining Patio

Diamond Pattern | Agundez concrete


5. Colored Concrete Diamond Pattern Pool Deck

Concrete Pool Deck | Agundez concrete


At Agundez Concrete we are experts in concrete patio flooring construction and design. Our over 30 years of experience in residential concrete construction enables us to provide our customers with the best solutions and designs for their concrete projects, so whether you want a newly placed concrete patio or a beautiful colored concrete floor inside your home, we are the best choice.

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