Natural Grass vs. Concrete: Learn Why Concrete Is Gaining Popularity

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When you thought about getting natural grass on your yard… did you picture a wide, perfect and completely green lawn? If so, you’re not alone…

While in some areas of the U.S. the use of lawns make sense and take almost no effort to maintain, in California, that’s not the case. Now, we’re not saying California is a desert, because as dry as our mountains may look in Southern California, they’re far from falling into the desert category, however, the climate in the region is not ideal to have a lawn.

Many homeowners have understood throughout these years, that there’s no reason why they should keep spending many hours of their days and money off of their pockets to maintain something that’s not natural to the region and that it’s so hard to grow.

Although natural grass may look nice, there is another alternative that is gaining popularity over natural grass: Concrete.

Do you want to know why replacing lawn with concrete is gaining popularity? Check these 4 facts:


1. It’s eco-friendly

Concrete is nothing more than stone, so it doesn’t harm the environment with toxic chemicals that can put your family and the environment in danger.


2. Saves time

Concrete requires very little or almost no maintenance at all, so you won’t spend your evenings watering the lawn.


3. Saves money

Having a natural lawn requires constant care, and that means, watering it a lot, mowing it, and providing it with many types of vitamins to keep it growing healthy. If you replace your lawn with concrete, you have no idea how much money you’ll save. Money that can be spent doing fun stuff with your family instead.


4. Durability

This is a huge difference, grass will only last as long as you keep watering it, but concrete can last for a lifetime without any care!

So what are you waiting for? Call Agundez Concrete to get a lawn replacement and start enjoying all the benefits of concrete. We’re 100% sure you’ll love the results!