Are Stamped Concrete Pool Decks Safe?

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With the warm days just around the corner, many homeowners start thinking about ways of enhancing their properties to make the most out of the good weather.

A very common option is to upgrade the pool area with a stamped concrete pool deck, but although it is one of the best ways to do it, concrete pool decks have long been misunderstood.

There is a misconception regarding concrete pool decks and many homeowners tend to think that they are not a safe addition to have in their homes, but here, we will explain the reality around this myth.

The truth is that concrete is one of the safest construction materials you could have in a pool deck, and stamped concrete is no different. If you decide it, stamped concrete can be done in many different patterns and shapes which will make it more slip resistant than any other material, including conventional concrete.

If you want a smooth surface, there are a number of things your concrete contractor can do to increase its slip resistance without sacrificing the smooth finish. In this case, using a penetrating matt finish sealer will be of more help instead of using a film-forming sealer.

However, although you don’t really need to worry about the safety of your pool deck, it is advisable to use common sense, as any kind of surface can be hazardous when they become wet, and especially pools if they’re left unsupervised.

With this said, you can rest assure that your stamped concrete pool deck will be safe for your loved ones, just make sure you find the right concrete contractor in San Diego, who is knowledgeable enough to give you good advice, answer all your questions and perform a high quality work.

At Agundez Concrete, we have over 30 years of experience providing concrete construction services in San Diego, so if you’re ready to start your pool deck project, give us a call!