The 4 Advantages of Concrete Block Walls Every Homeowner Must Know

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Any construction made out of concrete has one major advantage over the others: it will last for a long time.

Poured concrete can only be surpassed in durability by masonry construction, but when you put together one amazing construction technique and one amazing material such as concrete, the result is incredible. That is the case of concrete block walls.

Some of the post popular uses for concrete block walls are retaining walls, sound-walls, property line designation, security boundaries, building walls and trash enclosures. They are preferred due to their many advantages. Here, we review some of them:


Concrete block walls are a great option if you’re looking to improve the appearance of your house. All concrete block walls can take the shape, size, color and texture you desire depending on your taste and needs.

Great strength:

The structural capability of concrete block walls is greater than any other type of wall construction. The type of construction in block walls can support a lot of weight and is suitable to be used for load bearing walls in high buildings.

Insulation capability:

Concrete block walls have great thermal capabilities. If the block wall construction is subjected to extreme weather conditions, the wall will maintain a stable level of heat. During summer they will remain cool and during winter they will remain warm.

Fire resistance:

A feature of block walls that not many realize is that they’re fire resistant. One of the greatest  benefits of building block walls around a house is that they will protect the combustible items inside it, so in case of a bush-fire, it adds a layer of protection to your home.
Although many homeowners prefer block walls due to its aesthetic qualities, many of their features make them a great option for other purposes, so if you’re planning to build a concrete wall, we suggest you to consider concrete block walls, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.