5 Stay at Home Activities for a Fun Summer

Summer is the favorite season for many, for various reasons. School’s out and the weather is perfect to enjoy fun activities outdoor with the family, many take long vacation with the kids but spend a fortune in something that’s going to end in a couple of weeks, but you don’t need to travel far and spend a lot of money to have fun, you can very easily have a Summer Staycation and enjoy your home!

Here are five activities you can do at home for a fun, relaxing and cheap vacation:

1. Movie night

Staying home and watching a movie has many advantages over going to the theater,for example snacks are plenty and cheap, you avoid crowds and commuting to the theater, you can repeat a scene as many times as you want, and because you recently installed a concrete floor at your living room, you don’t have to worry about staining any carpets.

2. Gardening with the kids

These days, very few kids know what gardening feels like and how exciting it can be to watch your plants grow! Get some plants from your local nursery and do some gardening with your kids. It is fun, entertaining and if you have a concrete patio, you don’t have to worry about the mess, you can just spray back into the garden area the remaining soil on the floor with your water hose and you’re done!

3. Have a home barbecue

This is a great idea to spend time with your family and friends. Having a barbecue at your newly placed concrete outdoor kitchen will make everyone satisfied and we’re sure you will get a lot of compliments on your cooking!

4. Have a pool party

Invite your kids friends and have a pool party, there is no need for a special occasion, the occasion can be Summer itself, and about safety, you can tell the other parents not to worry because your new concrete pool deck has a non-slip coating!

5. Take a nap in a hammock

Summer is perfect for afternoon naps in San Diego, the weather is warm but not too hot to lay on a hammock, read a good book and take a nap afterwards. A perfect closure for the day.

We hope you like our suggestions for a stay at home vacation. If you want to make good use of your time on Summer and start a concrete renovation project in your home, give us a call, at Agundez Concrete, we’re always happy to help!