How to Get Your Concrete Driveway Ready For Fall

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Fall is already here and one of the best ideas to prepare for it is to give proper maintenance to your driveway according to the season.

Autumn season in San Diego comes with fluctuating weather, we get cooler mornings and nights and warmer days for most of the season. These fluctuations in temperature, plus other environmental factors typical of the season can put a strain on your concrete driveway, this is why in this occasion, we tell you the best practices to maintain your driveway to get it ready for fall.

1. Seal or waterproof your concrete driveway

One way to protect your concrete driveway from the fluctuations of weather and extreme temperatures, is by sealing or waterproofing it. This coating will protect the concrete making it less exposed and vulnerable.

2. Clean your driveway

Cleaning your driveway from debris, dry leaves, spilled oil or other chemicals will keep the cement from damaging. It is recommended that you clean your driveway year-round from debris or dust and that you pressure wash it at least twice a year.

3. Clear out the edges of your concrete driveway

Clearing out the edges of your concrete driveway is important to prevent it from accumulating dry leaves, soil or dust in the wrong areas. To do this, you need to remove the sod within three inches of the cement.

4. Relocate plants

In case you have big trees or plants that might dry out during Autumn, relocate them. Many trees lose branches and leaves during this season and when they fall they can damage the concrete. The best is to have them placed somewhere else in the house, or if that’s not possible due to space, you can always trim them well as a prevention method.

We hope these tips are helpful and that they help you get the best out of your concrete driveway during this Fall season, and remember, give us a call if you have any questions regarding your concrete driveway or any of our concrete services in San Diego.