5 Myths About Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete in San Diego | Agundez Concrete

There are many myths surrounding concrete additions, but at Agundez Concrete, we want our customers to have truth information about all aspects of concrete so they can make the best choices when deciding to start their next concrete construction project.

Here are 5 myths that we usually hear about stamped concrete:

1. Stamped concrete is slippery:

No it isn’t. Or at least not anymore as today there is a special non-skid additive that gives the sealer a sandy feel. So no, stamped concrete is not slippery anymore.

2. Stamped concrete colors will fade out: 

As with anything, if the job is not correctly done by a professional the color will fade really fast. But if done correctly, this is very unlikely to happen. Colored concrete is permanent in any type of concrete surface.

3. It will crack:

It is no secret that concrete can crack over time, depending on the use and weather conditions. But stamped concrete is no different than any other type of concrete, and although there is a risk, it is very unlikely to happen if your concrete project is installed by a professional concrete contractor.

4. Stamped concrete looks fake: 

Concrete can take many different forms, shapes and patterns, it can look like wood, it can be shiny, have color, or be completely flat, it can look natural or unnatural, it all depends in how you want it to look, so no, stamped concrete doesn’t have to look fake if you don’t want it to look fake.

5. Stamped concrete lasts less than regular concrete: 

This is definitely not true. Stamped concrete has the same lifespan as regular concrete if it is maintained properly, and if the concrete loses part of the sealer, then just have it sealed again.

We hope this information was helpful. Give us a call if you’re ready to start your next project!