How to make a concrete floor look new again.

Concrete floors

One simple way to make your dull and boring gray patio look vibrant and alive is to give it some color. This will turn your patio into an inviting space to relax and enjoy yourself. Staining concrete is a relatively simple thing to do and will give you excellent results.

You will save a good amount of money by staining concrete rather than using another flooring resource.

All you need to do is basic painting tools and good weather.

What exactly is concrete stain?

Basically, a concrete stain is coating the concrete with a water-based product that adheres to the surface giving a light-colored finish to the concrete. You can protect this color by applying a sealer that will make the color stay longer.

Be aware that staining concrete is different than using acid which due to a chemical reaction with minerals in the concrete changes the color. Using acid involves more steps and the color availability is limited.

What do I need to do?

Prepare the concrete, clean the surface and make sure you have clean shoes before walking over the patio after cleaning. Try to seal any furniture and landscaping before opening the stain. Protect with tape and plastic all the surrounding area you don’t want to stain.

Do not apply the stain when you have direct sunlight, is better to do it when the area has shade or is a cloudy day. Fill the sprayer out of the staining area, any dripping will permanently stain the floor leaving marks all over it.

Apply the base coat, this will make the second coat of color to be more vibrant and they will mix creating a marbleized effect.

Let the stain dry for 24 hours. If you aren’t satisfied with the color of the stain you can add another coat. First, wet the concrete and then apply the stain.

If after finishing you find bare spots, use a small spray bottle and a piece of cloth to apply it on the spot. Try to merge it with the surrounding area for a better look.

We recommend using the sealer even though some manufacturers will say their product doesn’t need it. Besides helping protect the color from fading from daily wear, it enhances the stain. For better results and optimal maintenance, you should apply the sealer every 3 or 4 years.

Another tip is to use different stain colors to get a marbleized look, either doing it by layers or by applying both at the same time. If you want to have a pattern you will need to cut kerfs to separate those sections that will have different colors.