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The driveway is not only the entrance to your house, but it’s also the first impression your guests and neighbors will have about your home. How is your driveway doing? Since it’s one of the places of your home that suffers more usage, it will show more damage if it wasn’t correctly built.

You must be aware about how essential driveway care is, the treatment it must receive after being installed, and the future maintenance it will require. When a driveway gets installed, the first thing to do is have it sealed within the first or second month after it’s fully cured. This is important because the sealer will stop the moisture from penetrating into the tiny concrete cracks in the driveway. The sealer treatment must be applied every 2-4 years depending on the weather conditions.

If even with the treatment your driveway starts to show cracks caused by the imminent power of nature or because of heavy usage, you can get it fixed before its condition gets worse. If that feared moment arrives, and your old driveway is cracked, decolorized, or full of imperfections, you may get stressed by thinking about the cost of replacing it. No more worries! There are many options available for fixing and transforming that old concrete driveway (we can help with patio, pool decks and floor troubles too!) into a nice looking decorative or colored concrete surface, at an affordable price.

At Agundez Concrete our goal is to provide the best service at a fair price. Call us today to extend the life of your existing concrete construction, and ask for a FREE estimate!

Before and After driveway maintenance by Agundez Concrete