Is Your Patio Prepared for the Rainy Season?

Agundez Concrete

We are just a few months away from winter and rain season comes with it, so better have those drain all cleaned up and working smoothly to avoid build-ups of waste which can lead to blockages and ruin your concrete patio by flooding.

Having a drainage system will help you prevent damage to the wood and/or cement that is on your patio by limiting the exposure to rain water to a minimum. The same goes for your lawn, prolonged periods of rain can form those yellow muddy patches and literally drown your lawn.

Flooded Patio

There are many ways to keep your drains clean, but what happens when you are all out of ideas and you need a professional to help you with your drainage project?

At Agundez Concrete we can help with all of your drainage problems and maintenance services, from unblocking drains to the complete installation of rural draining systems, including excavation, grading, landscaping and more services that you may need.

Patio Drainage System

So if your patio doesn’t have a drainage system, consider adding one, so your patio can flourish as it should. And if there is one, keep it working smoothly by cleaning it before this rainy season.

Check out our Drainage service page to find out more.