When Is The Best Time To Start A Concrete Building Project?

Concrete Project | Agundez concrete

Concrete Project | Agundez concrete

Do you remember this American folk rock band called The Byrds? If you do, you probably remember their international hit “Turn! Turn! Turn!” that still sounds on the radio from time to time these days, and the lyrics go like this:

“To everything, (turn, turn, turn), there is a season, (turn turn turn)…”

Well, we believe the songwriter (Pete Seeger, 1950’s) couldn’t be more accurate. It is true, there is a season for everything; there is a season to plant carrots, there is a season to take a break from routine, a season for flowers to bloom, and as there are seasons for everything, a season to start a building project couldn’t be the exception.

If you’re thinking of starting a concrete building project there are some  aspects of seasons you have to consider before you give the green light to the project.

First, you have be clear what kind of project you want to start, it’s not the same to carry out a project indoors as it is to do it outdoors, so the first thing you need to have in mind is the location of your project. If the construction is indoors, then you probably have nothing, or not much to worry about, but if your project is an outdoor project then you need to make sure you plan ahead to avoid future disasters.

Any outdoor project like building or repairing landscape borders, patios, walkways, pool decks, drains, water features, masonry, retaining walls or setting up an outdoor kitchen/ BBQ area require close attention to the time it takes to accomplish the project.

Every construction material is different and has its specific needs, for example, it’s not the same to build something out of wood than out of concrete. Usually carpenters like to work their projects  indoors, but working with concrete is a completely different story.

Building with concrete requires special machinery that needs to be outdoors, either because of the size of them, or simply because it would be really uncomfortable for everybody to have the machines inside. Also, if constructors are not careful enough is very easy for concrete mixture to drop over areas you don’t necessarily need it (furniture, etc).

The perfect season to start a concrete project is any time you want to start it, you just need to take into account that some projects require more time, and if this is the case, it’s better if you start the project in a dry season, as rain can cause delays in the project and even though the construction can be protected from it, it’s always better to work in a moderate heat and dry season.

There is a season for everything, but we’re experts in these matters and to us, every season is perfect to build.