6 Benefits Of Concrete Pool Decks

Concrete Pool Deck | Agundez Concrete


Concrete Pool Deck | Agundez Concrete

The clock is ticking, the earth is spinning and summer it’s on its way. When we think of summer we can’t help but to imagine bright colors, nice weather, cold drinks and of course, pools!

Pools are a great source of fun in the summer, but most important of all, they bring family and friends together. But what’s a pool without a pool deck?

There most common materials to build pool decks are wood and concrete, but both of them are completely different from one another and require different maintenance as well. At Agundez Concrete, we are 100% sure that the best material to build a pool deck is concrete, and here are the reasons why:

1. Many Designs To Choose From:
When it comes to concrete projects design, the sky’s the limit. One of the many benefits a concrete pool deck has is that you can give it the style you want with multiple choices of patterns and finishes. You can also add color to it or impersonate any kind of materials, even wood!

2. It’s Completely Versatile:
Concrete pool decks are great because they can be used not only to sunbathe after swimming but you can also use that space to make a special reunion around your pool, a barbecue with friends or a nice diner under the stars.

3. It’s Economic:
This is by far, one of our favorite features, and we’re guessing one of your favorites too! Concrete is one of the most economical materials to build because it’s made with natural resources found in abundance in the region, so the manufacture costs are low and this makes the prices low as well.

4. It’s Low – Maintenance:
In general, concrete is a low maintenance material, whether you use it as material to build your pool deck or a retaining wall. This is why concrete is the preferred building material for many construction projects.

5. It’s Anti-skid:
As we mentioned above, concrete can be given many styles and shapes, this quality allows us to give concrete a specific texture to make it anti-skid and protect everyone. On the opposite side wood pool decks are fragile, slippery, and highly flammable!
Sometimes you don’t even have to be running around the pool to slip, so why wait until accidents happen when you can easily prevent them.

6. It’s Environmentally Friendly:
Concrete is an environmentally friendly material, not only because it’s made with natural resources, but because it’s produced locally and this reduces costs of transportation, which as a consequence, reduces pollution.

At Agundez Concrete, we not only make your pool deck look stunning, we also worry about your safety. If you’re thinking about building a concrete pool deck, the first thing we’ll do is inspect your home to make sure the construction is made in a safe zone that doesn’t put your loved ones at risk, and then we will do our magic!

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