3 Great Ideas to Turn Your Old Fashioned Yard Into a Modern Concrete Patio

Modern Concrete Patio | Agundez Concrete

Modern Concrete Patio | Agundez Concrete

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Patios are one of our favorite areas at home because that’s where all the fun happens! We make BBQ’s, gatherings, birthday parties, we play with our pets, relax while reading a good book and many other things, but usually, when a patio is disorganized or out-of-style we don’t feel very inspired to do all of these things, do we?

If this is your case, then you might want to continue reading this, and if not, we suggest you do it as well, because these are some great tips that can help anyone beautify their home!

1. Choose Concrete! Concrete patios are the best solution to upgrade that outdoor area of your home. Patios are one of the most used areas, and any material you choose (beside concrete), can be severely damaged in no time due to heavy foot traffic. So if you are looking for a great material to build your patio with, the best option is definitely concrete, plus, with concrete you have a wide selection of patterns, colors and designs to choose from, see your patio as a blank canvas in which everything is possible.

2. Install an Outdoor Kitchen/BBQ Adding an outdoor kitchen will give your patio a whole new feeling. With an outdoor kitchen/BBQ you’ll be able to cook all your favorite dishes without the hassle of getting in and out of the house every time you need to grab something from your kitchen, and you know what? you don’t even need to have a special occasion to use it, and outdoor kitchen works just the same as the kitchen inside your home, the difference is that you’ll be breathing fresh air. An outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to jump out of the routine any day you like.

3. Add a Water Feature One of the hottest trends in landscaping these days are water features. At Agundez Concrete we design and handcraft all concrete water features to meet your exact needs. There are many types of water features you can choose from, so it basically depends on your taste. We can make ponds, fountains, streams, waterfalls, wells etc. Possibilities are endless!


There’s no reason why you should procrastinate that needed improvement to your outdated patio. These three ideas will improve the look of your home without a question, and will make you enjoy even more the time you spend on it. We are sure that even with a small change your patio will have a whole new look!

At Agundez Concrete we can make these and more concrete projects possible with the quality, craftsmanship and timely manner that identifies us. Just one more tip: don’t forget to leave some room for plants on your design because nature is as just as awesome as concrete!

Call us today and tell us all about your project, we’d love to help!