The Psychology Behind Color In Your Colored Concrete Selection: How Does It Affect Your Mood?

Agundez Concrete


Usually, when we think of concrete we imagine a gray, dull color with no potential of becoming a relevant element of your interior design or landscape, but despite concrete’s bad reputation,  it can be incredibly diverse in shape, form, patterns and colors, yes, you read well, colors.

Colored concrete is an excellent choice to those who want to make a remodel or addition to their properties. In contrast to what most people could think, concrete is much more rich and diverse, and it can have endless design possibilities, as it can assume other colors, shapes and textures, and because of its chameleon-like ability to blend with the environment it makes a great option to spice up your design; however, when you choose the color you want for your concrete floors, patios, walls, or driveways you have to stop for a moment and choose wisely.

Each time a construction project is carried out, decisions on whether to choose one color or another takes us more than half of the time of the actual project, and rightly so, as color has a direct effect on our mood and behaviour, so let’s see how each color can affect your mood, so you can consider all aspects before deciding on one:

It is considered the color of sophistication, elegance and formality. If you want to have these attributes in your home, black colored concrete is for you. A black floor for example, will create a feeling of power and prestige.

This color represents serenity, cleanliness and spirituality. If you want to create a clean and wide atmosphere in a room, choose white.

Gray (the natural color of concrete) is always a safe color, and although most people consider it boring, it can be really elegant depending on the other elements of your design. Gray it’s a formal, subtle, conservative, calm and confident color.

A very powerful color. Red is the first color our eyes perceive from the whole palette (no wonder why warning signs and traffic lights include it)  It represents passion, danger, blood and in some cases, depending on its shade it can make a room look narrower. This color also enhances appetite, and incentives digestion, that is why most fast food chains have lots of red color everywhere.

Orange in a room or landscape evokes sensuality. It’s a stimulating vibrant and energetic color, it is fun, attracts attention and stimulates appetite, so it is a good color to have in kitchens and you can choose from many different shades of the color to create different types of atmospheres, for example, a Terracota floor will give your patio that Mediterranean look we all like and enjoy!

It’s a neutral color, and the psychological effect that produces in us depends mostly on the combination of other elements on your design. Brown creates comfort, stability, warmth, depth and is overall a welcoming color.

Blue is a color that stimulates the intellect,  it has a calming effect on the mind, and helps to cool down a room. It can resemble water and can be an interesting choice if you decide to make a study room for the kids, that way they can concentrate more easily and combined with other elements can create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere to relax for a while.


Purple is well known to be a royal color, and depending on how cool or warm the hue is, can have a serene effect and resemble luxury and power. Purple also stimulates creativity and it is considered to be a mystical color. You wouldn’t believe how good a concrete floor looks in the right the room!

Green has a calming effect on minds, especially when it is a light green, it resembles nature and fertility. This is an amazing color to have in concrete landscapes or patios as it blends very well with the environment!

Yellow represents optimism, it gives us energy when we are feeling a bit tired and can brighten up a dark room. A great color to have in a playground or children’s playroom concrete floor!

Now that you know about the psychological effects that colored concrete can have, make the right choice for your project or call us and tell us all about your next project. At Agundez Concrete we’re always happy to help our clients!