The 4 Benefits and 2 Facts You Need To Know About Masonry Before Starting Your Construction Project

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  • Contractor For Masonry in San Diego County Contractor For Masonry in San Diego County

There are many ways in which you can make significant improvements to your home to make a huge difference in its looks, and one of them is through concrete masonry.

Concrete masonry is a construction technique that dates from the most antique cultures. Egyptian and Latin American pyramids are a great example of structures built through this technique, but if you want to know more about how masonry can help improve your house, here’s a list of 4 benefits plus 2 facts that can help you:

# 1 Benefit: Masonry is a highly durable construction technique
As we have previously explained, if you use strong materials like concrete and the workmanship is well performed, your structure can last for a lifetime. A concrete masonry structure can have a lifespan of over 500 years, so just in case you were wondering if masonry is a construction technique that will give long life to your home, the answer is a definitive yes and the pyramids are a great example to prove it!

# 2 Benefit: It protects your home from fire
Concrete bricks and stone are two of the most common materials used in masonry construction for a couple of reasons, but one of the most important is that they’re fire resistant and non-combustible products, an important factor to have into consideration when living in California, as one of the many dangers we experience during dry season are fires.

# 3 Benefit: It requires low or no maintenance
Concrete masonry is highly resistant and it requires almost no maintenance, so it is a good idea to choose concrete masonry to add a little extra style to your concrete construction project with the strongest material in construction.

# 4 Benefit: Concrete masonry can adopt many shapes and styles
Remember, concrete can resemble many construction materials, if you want your concrete patio to have a stone-like look , concrete can resemble stone, if you want it to look like brick, it can look like brick, so the creative array is wide and you can definitely benefit from this.

# 1 Fact: Masonry structures are more resistant to extreme weather conditions
These type of structures are one of the most resistant to extreme weather conditions, be it humidity, hot / cold weather or strong winds, which makes them ideal for any kind of weather.

# 2 Fact: Masonry structures work better in non-seismic areas
The California Building Standards Commission does not allow homeowners to build an entire house with concrete bricks due to California’s highly seismic conditions. The San Andreas Fault runs across part of California’s length making it unsafe to build a whole concrete masonry home.

Concrete masonry structures have a high compressive strength under vertical loads but they have low tensile strength, which means that in case of irregular tectonic movements they can easily collapse unless reinforced, but your house will do just fine if you use masonry for columns, retaining walls, water fountains, fireplaces, patios, driveways or walkways to add any decorative applications to your home.

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