Our Top 5 Favorite Concrete Constructions From Around The World

Concrete Constructions

At Agundez Concrete we are convinced that concrete is the best construction material in the present and that it will still be in the future, and we’re glad to find people who share our passion for concrete, that’s why we want to share with you our top 10 favorite concrete constructions from all over the world so you can see the endless possibilities of concrete and the reasons why it’s our favorite construction material.


  • House Cliv – Kleit, Belgium

The House Cliv is located at Kleit, Belgium. It is a single family residence completely build out of concrete. The architects designed the house to leave the ceilings and walls with a natural exposed concrete aspect and gave part of the floors a red stained concrete look in the kitchen, with red and wood design elements all around the house to contrast with the cold elegance of concrete.

House Cliv - Kleit, Belgium

  • 3D Printed Concrete Houses, Shanghai

This is one of the most amazing innovations in architecture and concrete construction ever. A gigantic 3D printer was used to create as much as 10 full-full sized houses in just a single day! The houses are built with a mix of waste materials and concrete and poured into layers to make the entire structure. These 3D printed structures are only kept as models by Win Sun, the firm that created these models as they still need improvements to pass the China’s building regulations. But just the idea of the possibility of having a concrete 3D printed house sounds amazing!

3D Printed Concrete Houses, Shanghai

  • Tubohotel – Tepoztlan, México

The Tubhotel is located at a small and pintoresque town in Morelos, Mexico. The attraction of this hotel relies in that the rooms are all recycled concrete tubes all piled up like an ancient mexican pyramid. This is a hotel for those who want to enjoy a good night sleep in a comfortable queen bed with wide tubular windows facing the garden. In definitive a great eco friendly concrete project.


  • Kook Restaurant – Rome, Italy

The interior design of the Kook Restaurant is simply amazing. The designers could really combine the other elements with concrete to create an inspiring atmosphere. This restaurant is unique, warm and very trendy too!

Kook Restaurant - Rome, Italy

  • Rainhouse 1:1 Model in Milan

And last but not least is the amazing Rainhouse, the latest innovation from the firm IVANKA. The Rainhouse is a model made with bioconcrete that turns rain into high quality drinking water. This is a really revolutionary project that will surely open up the possibilities in sustainable and environmentally responsible architecture.

Rainhouse 1:1 Model in MilanRainhouse 1:1 Model in Milan

At Agundez Concrete we’re always looking for inspiration. If you feel inspired with these projects and want to improve your home, give us a call right away!