4 Myths About Concrete Floors Debunked!

Concrete Maintenance

Everyone has a different idea on what concrete floors are, how and where they should be used and about the feeling they create indoors. Many are skeptical about its benefits and although that’s perfectly normal, the truth is far from the myth.

Here are 4 myths about concrete floors and the reality behind them:

Myth #1: Concrete floors prone to cracking: FALSE

Although it is true that under certain conditions, concrete floors have a tendency to crack, this only happens under extreme weather and heavy foot traffic, but if you decide to use concrete flooring at your home, this is very unlikely to happen, and if it does, it will be only after many years of use, and even then, there are good options to incorporating the cracks into your design.

Myth #2: Concrete floors are hard on the feet: TRUE

This one is definitely true, concrete is a hard material, it does not have any kind of built-in cushion or anything, but it is just as hard as ceramic tile flooring, with the exception that concrete’s hardness contributes to its durability.

If you want to make your concrete floors more soft on the feet you can have rugs in certain areas of your home, this will make it more comfortable and add a cozy touch to your living areas.

Myth #3: Decorative colored concrete floors are expensive: FALSE

While concrete floor installation is a less costly than ceramic tile, marble, and other high-end flooring coverings, plus, it’s maintenance-free and its life expectancy is longer that the mentioned above and definitely lasts much longer than carpeting, wood laminates, and vinyl.

Myth #4: Concrete floors looks too industrial: FALSE

The times where concrete was only gray, hard and boring looking floors are long gone. Now, with decorative concrete there are many options to make concrete floors look from rustic to elegant. Concrete is a very versatile material and now more than ever, homeowners are using it to enhance their home’s aesthetics and add value to their property, as well as to save money and time in the short and long run. With colored concrete, your decorative concrete floors can impersonate almost any look and color you want.

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