Is Your Concrete Driveway Prepared For Winter?

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Whether you installed your concrete driveway in recent years or it’s already a couple of years old, your concrete patio should be prepared for extreme temperatures and with winter around the corner, it is advisable to protect it from cold, rain and other things that can damage it during the season.

One of the best ways to protect your concrete driveway from winter is to apply a coating or some type of waterproof sealer specifically for concrete. The sealer will prevent the water from seeping down into the pores of the concrete and expanding if the water freezes when the temperature reaches below 0 temperatures, preventing it from cracks and other type of damage.

If your concrete driveway already has cracks, they can become worse if you don’t protect it from winter elements, also if you installed a colored concrete driveway, the paint colors can start to fade or even flake.

If you decided to apply a sealer to your concrete driveway one or two years ago, you should not need to worry about reapplying the coating, but if the sealer is more than two years old you should consider asking your concrete contractor about its lifespan.

All sealers without exception, should be reapplied every few years if you want to protect the concrete in your home, and is definitely less costly than resurfacing, however, if the concrete is too damaged, the best option to get it looking its best is by a driveway replacement.

We hope this information was useful, and remember, if you’re looking for a professional concrete contractor in San Diego that offers a wide variety of concrete services, give us a call.

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