The 4 Worst Myths About Polished Concrete Floors

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Polished concrete floors have become one of the most popular options used for residential, industrial and commercial facilities, but although its popularity is growing fast, there are still some myths around them that can stop homeowners from considering concrete floors as a viable option in home remodeling.

Here are some of those myths about polished concrete floors:

1. Polished concrete floors are cold

Concrete is well known to be a flexible material in terms of design, but few people know that it can also acquire the temperature you desire depending on your needs.

Homes nowadays have insulation to help reduce energy consumption, which means that it’s easier to control the temperature inside the home to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, in that sense, the natural temperature of concrete, which is always a little bit cooler than other types of flooring materials, does not represent a problem, however, if you are still worried about this fact, you can opt by installing an in-floor heating system before getting your polished concrete floor poured.

2. Concrete floors don’t last

One of the biggest myths about polished concrete floors is that they don’t last. While it is true that to keep them in good shape for longer you need to maintain them once in awhile, concrete floors can last for decades before they start showing any signs of aging.

The reason why most shopping malls use polished concrete floors is because they last a long time, they can withstand daily foot traffic and require very little maintenance.

3. Polished concrete floors are slippery

The goal of polishing a concrete floor is to create an elegant finish to it, this is achieved by the use of gloss sealers which can, in fact, reduce the traction of natural concrete, however, you can ask your concrete contractor to mix a non-slip coating to the sealer in order to increase traction.

4. Polished concrete floors have limited design options

Concrete is one of the few materials that besides being environmentally friendly it can resemble any pattern, texture or color desired. Through different methods such as concrete stamping and concrete coloring, the design possibilities are endless.

As you can see, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider polished concrete as a flooring option for your home improvement or remodeling project, so give us a call to get an estimate on your project or to ask us any question about the concrete services we provide in San Diego.