5 Signs You Have a Drainage Problem

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Rainy season is just around the corner, and it’s never too early to prepare your property in advance.

As you might have experienced before, locating drainage problems in your property when they are on their early stage, can save you lots of money on bigger repairs, and although it doesn’t take a genius to know that a huge puddle of water may signify that you have a drainage problem, finding smaller and not so obvious issues, does require expertise.

Here are a few signs of bad drainage that can help you tackle the problem before it becomes bigger:

1. Water stains on the floor or basement

Water stains can show up anywhere depending on where the problem is located. If you notice water stains in the basement, or have a puddle every time you water the lawn, you have a drain problem.

2. Cracks in your home’s foundation

Most of the small cracks that appear on houses happen due to natural settlement of the structure and are harmless, but bigger cracks are worth a second look.

If a crack bigger than 2 cm appears on your foundation, it can be caused due to unattended drainage problems.

3. Flaking on walls

If you notice some areas of your walls are flaking off in chunks, you may have a long time problem with your drainage that hasn’t yet been fixed.

4. Mildew on walls or roofs

Having a white or grayish layer of mildew on your walls or roof can be the sign of a serious problem with your drains and can represent a real hazard to your family’s health.

Whether you have only one of the previous or all of the above signs and symptoms of drainage failures, be sure to give us a call to check and repair the problem. At Agundez Concrete, we have years of experience in putting an end to drainage problems of San Diego residents.