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How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Concrete Driveway

Depending on weather conditions and maintenance, concrete driveways can last many years or have a shorter lifespan than expected, but one thing is for sure, at some point, concrete driveways will have to be replaced, repaired or resurfaced and it is important that you know how to identify when it’s time to carry out a [...]
Concrete Pool Decks in San Diego | Agundez Concrete

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Pool Decks?

Nowadays, concrete pool decks are gaining popularity due to its many benefits. These have encouraged homeowners to change their current pool deck for a concrete one and this trend has been growing more over recent years. Here are some of the benefits of concrete pool decks: 1. Customizable look One of the benefits of concrete […]

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Are Stamped Concrete Pool Decks Safe?

With the warm days just around the corner, many homeowners start thinking about ways of enhancing their properties to make the most out of the good weather. A very common option is to upgrade the pool area with a stamped concrete pool deck, but although it is one of the best ways to do it, […]

Drainage Services in San Diego | Agundez Concrete

The Importance of Good Drainage Maintenance

The drainage system is oftentimes one of the most neglected areas in a household, it is commonly overlooked until there is an evident problem. However, proper drainage maintenance is extremely important to prevent costly damages in your property and more inconveniences. Here are some reasons why good drainage maintenance is important: Prevents property damage Drains […]

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4 Tips to Maintain Your Concrete Surfaces During Winter

Although concrete commonly requires very little maintenance, to ensure your concrete surfaces a long life, you need to provide adequate maintenance when it needs it, that is mostly when extreme weather sets in. This time, we will talk about how to maintain your concrete surfaces for winter. The most common complaint of homeowners with their […]

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Is Your Concrete Driveway Prepared For Winter?

Whether you installed your concrete driveway in recent years or it’s already a couple of years old, your concrete patio should be prepared for extreme temperatures and with winter around the corner, it is advisable to protect it from cold, rain and other things that can damage it during the season. One of the best […]

Concrete Maintenance

4 Myths About Concrete Floors Debunked!

Everyone has a different idea on what concrete floors are, how and where they should be used and about the feeling they create indoors. Many are skeptical about its benefits and although that’s perfectly normal, the truth is far from the myth. Here are 4 myths about concrete floors and the reality behind them: Myth #1: […]

Concrete Block Walls

3 Amazing Benefits of Concrete Block Walls

  Concrete block walls are widely used on residential and commercial construction nowadays due to a number of benefits over traditional building materials. In this occasion, we’ve listed 3 of the benefits most people take into account when choosing to build a concrete block wall: Benefit #1: Highly cost-effective Concrete block walls are least expensive […]