Drain Clearing Service in San Diego

Is Your Drainage System Ready For Rainy Season?

The rainy season is just around the corner, and with El Niño getting closer each day, local authorities in Southern California are recommending San Diego residents to take certain safety measures to avoid hazards during winter. One of those recommended safety measures is cleaning out drains, as this can trigger many health and safety-related problems. […]

Stamped Concrete in San Diego | Agundez Concrete

5 Advantages of Decorative Stamped Concrete

If there is something that’s becoming increasingly popular among homeowners is decorative stamped concrete patios and driveways. Features such as durability and beauty are some of the many reasons why many are choosing decorative stamped concrete for different types of home improvements, however, there are many other advantages of using stamped concrete beside beauty and […]

Stamped Concrete in San Diego | Agundez Concrete

5 Myths About Stamped Concrete

There are many myths surrounding concrete additions, but at Agundez Concrete, we want our customers to have truth information about all aspects of concrete so they can make the best choices when deciding to start their next concrete construction project. Here are 5 myths that we usually hear about stamped concrete: 1. Stamped concrete is […]

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Best Concrete Services in San Diego, CA

Finding a professional and reliable concrete contractor in San Diego can become a difficult task. With so many providers, it can become hard to chose who to trust with your next remodeling project. Fortunately, Agundez Concrete is here to help. At Agundez Concrete, we have been providing residential concrete construction services in San Diego for […]

Concrete Patios in San Diego | Agundez Concrete

How to Get Your Concrete Driveway Ready For Fall

Fall is already here and one of the best ideas to prepare for it is to give proper maintenance to your driveway according to the season. Autumn season in San Diego comes with fluctuating weather, we get cooler mornings and nights and warmer days for most of the season. These fluctuations in temperature, plus other […]

Concrete Water Features in San Diego | Agundez Concrete

Tips to Enhance Your Backyard’s Beauty and Performance

Having grass in your whole patio became a huge trend some years ago and many houses in San Diego, started installing natural grass in their whole patios without being aware of the inconveniences that came with the decision. Increased water costs, high maintenance costs, the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that harm your health […]

5 Stay at Home Activities for a Fun Summer

Summer is the favorite season for many, for various reasons. School’s out and the weather is perfect to enjoy fun activities outdoor with the family, many take long vacation with the kids but spend a fortune in something that’s going to end in a couple of weeks, but you don’t need to travel far and […]

Concrete Services in San Diego

What Are The Effects of High Temperatures on Concrete?

After many months of lots of rain and cloudy days in San Diego, Summer is finally here. It is finally time to go to the beach to relax in the sand and enjoy the weather, it is also time to treat yourself with delicious ice cream and, why not, to start all your pending home […]

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The 4 Advantages of Concrete Block Walls Every Homeowner Must Know

Any construction made out of concrete has one major advantage over the others: it will last for a long time. Poured concrete can only be surpassed in durability by masonry construction, but when you put together one amazing construction technique and one amazing material such as concrete, the result is incredible. That is the case […]