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3 Ways In Which Your Dirt / Gravel Driveway Can Ruin Your Winter Days

We’re not very sure why, but time’s flying faster than ever, and although Fall barely started, Winter’s firsts signs are beginning to show. We all love winter for it gives us a chance to enjoy from cold and sleep cozy under your blankets or enjoying a nice evening around your fireplace with family on a […]

Concrete Constructions

Our Top 5 Favorite Concrete Constructions From Around The World

At Agundez Concrete we are convinced that concrete is the best construction material in the present and that it will still be in the future, and we’re glad to find people who share our passion for concrete, that’s why we want to share with you our top 10 favorite concrete constructions from all over the […]

Stamped Concrete

5 Fascinating Benefits About Stamped Concrete

Even though the difference between regular and stamped concrete may seem a bit obvious, there are several differences beside the chosen pattern for stamped concrete, and as we take our job very seriously, we don’t want to miss the chance of explaining in full detail the differences between one another, as well as the benefits […]

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How to Choose the Right Concrete Water Feature for Your Patio

Agundez Concrete – San Diego CA – Water Features Concrete water features are one of the hottest trends in landscaping these days. A water feature creates a soothing environment in your home giving you a space where you can have a little peace of mind. But choosing the proper concrete water feature for your home […]

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3 Great Ideas to Turn Your Old Fashioned Yard Into a Modern Concrete Patio

Concrete Counter Top Patios are one of our favorite areas at home because that’s where all the fun happens! We make BBQ’s, gatherings, birthday parties, we play with our pets, relax while reading a good book and many other things, but usually, when a patio is disorganized or out-of-style we don’t feel very inspired to […]

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6 Benefits Of Concrete Pool Decks

  The clock is ticking, the earth is spinning and summer it’s on its way. When we think of summer we can’t help but to imagine bright colors, nice weather, cold drinks and of course, pools! Pools are a great source of fun in the summer, but most important of all, they bring family and […]

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When Is The Best Time To Start A Concrete Building Project?

Do you remember this American folk rock band called The Byrds? If you do, you probably remember their international hit “Turn! Turn! Turn!” that still sounds on the radio from time to time these days, and the lyrics go like this: “To everything, (turn, turn, turn), there is a season, (turn turn turn)…” Well, we […]

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7 Good Reasons To Choose Concrete As a Building Material

Have you ever wondered why most of our roads and highways are concrete made? How about buildings, houses, bridges and heavy structures? Most major structures in almost all cities of the world are build out of concrete, but have you ever asked yourself why? Well, the reason is very simple, and I’m pretty sure you […]